Feb 2021 Personal Loan Rates in Kansas

Personal loan interest rates in Kansas currently range from about 3% up to 36%. Borrowing rates will vary depending on a multitude of factors including borrower credit score, income, and debt ratios. Our advice for finding the best rate possible is to shop around and compare personal loan rates from multiple lenders.

Our personal loan rate tool makes comparing rates — along with monthly payments and total interest — simple, helping you choose the most affordable loan. Take a look at our personal loan rate comparison tool to find personal loans in Kansas from online lenders, banks, and credit unions.

Get your pre-qualified rates.

Checking your prequalified rates with Kansas personal loan lenders is simple, fast, and best of all won’t affect your credit. Why wait?

Feb 2021 Personal Loan Rates from Lenders in Kansas

Kansas personal loan interest rates overview

Online lenders in Kansas currently offer rates ranging from around 3% up to 36%. Borrowers with good to excellent credit will be offered the lowest interest rates while borrowers on the lower end of the credit spectrum will be offered higher interest rates or might be turned down.

Using a personal loan calculator can be helpful to visiualize estimated rates and payments from online lenders based on your credit score.

The APR  (annual percentage rate) on a loan personal loan is the interest rate plus all fees, including origination fees. When shopping for a loan or any financial services product it is important to always check APRs for the best cost comparison.

An advantage to applying online in addition to the convenience is that online lenders typically conduct a soft credit check for pre-qualification. This enables consumers to compare rates without having an impact on their credit score. When applying in person at a bank or credit union, they typically do a hard credit check, which can temporarily shave points off your credit score.

Online personal loan rates by credit score

Your score is the main determining factor of the rate you’ll pay on the loan. Knowing your credit score is an important part of the borrowing process. There are many ways to check your credit score, we recommend getting a free credit report from Experian.

Here’s what average estimated APRs on personal loans in Kansas, based on FICO score ranges, currently look like:

Here’s a look at some statistics on personal loan loans in Kansas.

Pre-qualify to see your rates risk free in Kansas

Pre-qualification is a great tool to use when shopping for a personal loan.  Pre-qualifying enables you to qualify with lenders and see the terms and interest rate they are offering you. You can prequalify for personal loans on KSloan to compare real offers from multiple lenders to find the lowest rate, the process is simple and only takes a few minutes.